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Everyone who has had a home or any other kind of building erected will know that good foundation design is crucial to the stability. A strong design and straight levels are pre-requisites to build the rest of the house with long lasting quality. Unfortunately, a good design is not enough to keep it strong forever.

There is maximum weight bearing on the stumps in every design. If the home was built too many years ago, the wear & tear makes it a likely thing for the piers to sink and the house to sag. If timber stumps were used, the timber rots into a sharp point which further exacerbates the problem of sinking. As soon as the ground under those points becomes moist and soft, the weight of the house will push the pier further down.

That is why foundation repair by Able Reblocking and restumping specialists should be your first renovation step. Once we get your foundations level, you can go ahead and renovate with the knowledge that your home will remain in good shape for many years to come. We use concrete or steel to give your home a stable and strong foundation and guarantee our work for ten years, so call us today for a quote on your property.