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Able Reblocking Specialists are an experienced home renovation service provider in Melbourne, Victoria and have been offering restumping and reblocking services to the residents of Melbourne since 1995. We have a vast client base and vouch for the exceptional quality of service that we offer. We cater to the needs of our customers by offering an extensive range of services i.e. house levelling, reblocking along with subfloor and timber repairs. We are competent and registered to handle both domestic and commercial projects.
We are driven by the passion to excel and are committed to offering outstanding service providing years of experience and expertise. Our service will provide peace of mind that you are in good hands. We arrange the building permit as required by the Building Act 1993, No 126 of 1993; Part 3 – Building Permits and offer a ten-year guarantee and also have Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance of $10,000,000. We are a part of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Master Builders Association (MBAV) and registered with the Building Practitioners Board.
When you entrust your foundation work to us you can be assured in the knowledge that you have engaged one of the best restumping company’s in the industry.
  • We provide a professional service at a competitive price.
  • We are registered for Domestic and Commercial projects
  • Domestic Builder – CDB-L 60520 Commercial Builder CCB-L 60521
  • We offer a 10 years guarantee and carry Public Liability Insurance of $10,000,000
  • We organise the building permits.


  • Sloping floors or uneven floors
  • Cracks in the tiling or plasterwork
  • Doors not closing properly or jamming
  • Decay in the timber stumps
  • Bouncy or loose floors
If you do not notice any of the above-mentioned signs we recommend reblocking if built prior to 1970.
The presence of extensive moisture in the foundation is another factor that can contribute to the need for reblocking and restumping a house.

House restumping costs will vary depending on the size and age of the property and also the amount of damage to the existing foundations. For a standard small three-bed room house the cost will be in the range of $12,000 and above.

In most cases, we can complete the reblocking works within 5 – 10 days.
Yes. We give a guarantee of ten years to all restumping works we undertake and complete.
  • In most cases, you do not have to leave the property however, if there is insufficient height under the sub-floor the floors will need to be removed 400mm which is the minimum clearance.
  • This would require the house to be vacant as well as furniture removal.
We take care of the plans and building permit required on your behalf.
This depends on the house and the type of plaster as some houses may only need painting and some may need to be replastered. You can rest assured that we try to minimize the plaster damage during the restumping process.
If we have a clearance of 400 mm underneath the house then there is no need to remove floor boards, however, if the clearance is less than 400 mm we will need to remove the floorboards to gain access. If the floorboards are in good condition they may be relayed. Which is a service we offer.
Reblocking should be the 1st step in the renovation process as house restumping post-renovation may compromise the level and damage any new renovations.
Reblocking and restumping refers to the process in which the old ‘blocks’ or ‘stumps’ in the foundations are replaced with new concrete stumps. Underpinning is the process where we dig under the strip footing and support it by a larger concrete pad increasing the size of the area of support, this is called a pin a house may need one or many of these pins.
We use the best quality concrete and steel stumps to replace the old deteriorating wooden stumps.