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Also known as re-stumping or underpinning, reblocking is the process of replacing all the supporting stumps in a home. Many homes in Victoria – especially those over 30 years old – have floors supported by timber stumps. These stumps can deteriorate for a variety of reasons.


Here’s when it makes sense to reblock or restump your house.

  • If you have uneven or slanting floors.
  • If you are considering a major renovation to an older home.
  • If you have extensive moisture in the foundations.


Sometimes, only individual stump replacement is necessary, especially if you catch it early enough.

However, if stumps are left to deteriorate, more extensive work can be necessary into the future – and costs will definitely increase.


When you decide to restump or underpin your home, you’re putting the entire foundation of your house into the hands of a contractor. If the process is done badly, cheaply, or without enough care, you’ll have problems within your house for years afterwards.

Very low prices for a reblocking quote usually mean one thing: low-quality stumps. While everyone wants to save money, choosing the cheapest option and hoping it will support your house years into the future is often a misguided choice.

For this reason, we only offer high-quality concrete stumps, to ensure long life and solid foundation that won’t let you down into the future.


Having extensive experience reblocking houses is crucial – the number of individual problems that need solving on any individual house can be many. Ensuring floors are properly supported during stump replacement and knowing how to carefully ensure your floors are levelled properly is something that comes with experience – the experience of reblocking countless houses for our satisfied clients through the years.

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