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Solid Brick Houses

These types of houses are double brick for both external walls and internal walls, and the brick goes down to a concrete or bluestone foundation.


Problems With Stumps in Solid Brick Houses

The stumps normally only support the centre of the floors, while the perimeter is supported by a ledge that runs along the brickwork where a timber plate sits. The floor joists sit on top of that, and this plate can suffer if moisture or poor sub-floor ventilation exists, which happens with a lot of solid brick houses.

If this is the case, we mostly support the perimeter with a bearer and a row of stumps — this makes it independent of the brick wall.


Solving Sub-Floor Ventilation Problems

If sub-floor ventilation is a problem, it can be fixed by excavating dirt and rubble from the sub-floor and installing vents or fans to create airflow.

A minimum clearance between timber members and the ground should be 150mm — in any house.


Replacing the Stumps

The stumping process is similar to that of a weatherboard house, explained here in detail.