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Reblocking can be a fundamental first step before any home renovation. Here’s why.


Understanding when the stumps that support your home have rotted or been affected by termite or moisture damage is not always easy. Until a full restumping is required, it’s often common not to notice any damage at all – and once the signs start showing in the house, it’s often too late for individual stump replacement.

Thus, before you undertake any home renovation project, you should be sure to check your stumps. It’s much cheaper to undertake the small project of verifying the condition of your stumps than to procure and set up all the resources, time, and labour necessary to build an entire home addition or re-do a large part of your home, only to find out that you can’t proceed until you get a full re-stumping done. Our termite damage repair team in Melbourne are experienced and skilled enough to restumping, house blocking, House levelling and sub-floor repairs making us the best home renovations contractor in Melbourne.


Building a new floor onto your house? If your home is going to be supporting more weight, ensure your stumps are in top condition – and will continue to last well into the future – is an essential part of your home renovation.

Make sure you don’t think only about the renovations – the foundations that need to support them are fundamental before making any big change to your home, especially for an older home.


Home Renovations are meant to extend the life and value of your home – and they can only do so if new, extensive repairs don’t become necessary due to supports rotting from below.

Make sure you build for the future – check your stumps, and if necessary, restump your house before renovating it.

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