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Able Reblocking – Reblocking & Restumping Service in Mitcham

Service: Making houses/buildings steady by changing out stumps/blocks in foundations of homes

  • All permits arranged
  • 10 year guarantee, Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance for $10m
  • part of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Master Builders Association (MBAV) and registered with the Building Practitioners Board
Target: Suburban residents of Mitcham, AU

Is your Mitcham house tilting? We can fix that

Reblocking / Restumping / Home Renovation that’s:

  • Convenient. We’ll do all the paperwork
  • Trusted. We’re fully certified by the building board and are registered with relevant authorities
  • Guaranteed. $10m of Public Liability Insurance and a 10-year guarantee, because we believe
    in quality
From cracked plaster to jammed doors, many home issues stem from problems in its foundation. As your local Mitcham reblocking specialists, we’re just a call away at 0418-329-309.

Why Do I Need To Restump My Home?

Damaged foundations are a common cause of many home repair issues, especially in older buildings that have weathered many a season. These small issues can turn into costly renovations that may not even last if the root cause isn’t fixed. If you’re at all unsure, just give us a call to check; we might just save you a lot of time and headaches with a quick inspection.

Why Choose Able Reblocking?

Our values are “Respect, Commitment, and Quality”. As a business that has been around since 1995, our clients choose us because we treat their homes with care. We go to great lengths in doing things right, and in ensuring our work lasts longer than we may live.
In the grand scheme of things, foundation repair won’t cost you as much as expensive, extensive repairs of your building. As we’re near Mitcham, we can easily pop by for a quick initial inspection to advise you on your needs. Give us a call today at 0418-329-309 to schedule an appointment.