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Able Reblocking – Reblocking & Restumping Service in Monbulk

Service: Making houses/buildings steady by changing out stumps/blocks in foundations of homes

  • All permits arranged
  • 10 year guarantee, Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance for $10m
  • part of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Master Builders Association (MBAV) and registered with the Building Practitioners Board
Target: Suburban residents of Monbulk, AU

Giving your Monbulk home a solid foundation for lifetimes to come

Reblocking / Restumping / Home Renovation that’s:

  • Hassle-free. Building permits will be done entirely by us
  • Official. Our company is registered with the building board and several associations
  • Guaranteed. We offer a 10-year guarantee and have $10m in Public Liability Insurance

Inspecting your foundation and repairing it is essential for a home that will last your family a long, long time. We are pros in this field and are local to Monbulk! Call us at 0418-329-309 to book a

Why Should I Restump My Home?

It’s tough to build anything on top of an unsteady surface. Imagine balancing a pyramid of cards on a table that moves – it’s difficult and eventually, the house of cards will just fall over. Our restumping service will replace any old stumps with new, concrete blocks that ensure an even, solid footing for your home.

Why Choose Able Reblocking?

Our company ticks all the boxes: We’re experienced at reblocking, efficient, and we know our way around the permits office. Restumping typically takes less than 2 weeks to complete, and the entire experience is hassle-free as we handle all the paperwork.
As we’re local to Monbulk, we can inspect your home and get things done conveniently too! Check out our testimonials to hear from people just like you who now enjoy a steady, forever home.